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The Importance of Email Continuity

Email is the single most important tool in helping employees get work done in organizations of all sizes. So much so that the average email user spends nearly 30% of his or her day doing something in their email client or browser-based equivalent. That's why outages of even a few minutes in length can create numerous problems for individual email users, as well as the business processes that rely on email as their transport infrastructure.

EdgeWave's informative email continuity white paper, The Importance of Email Continuity, discusses why having a disaster recovery solution that can keep your email processes moving when interruptions occur is critical. It discusses the value of email continuity and provides advice on the key issues that should be considered when choosing a solution. It also provides a brief overview of ePrism Email Continuity, an affordable and easily deployed solution that provides for the seamless performance of your email processes planned or unplanned interruptions occur.

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