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E-Policy Essentials for Schools

Write a Strong Acceptable Use Policy for Your School

The first hurdle in making your school or district's e-communications safe and CIPA compliant, is establishing a strong Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). The e-Policy Essential Guide for Schools white paper includes the important information you as educators need to write a strong and comprehensive AUP or improve the one you have. This free internet security white paper includes templates that will help insure that your AUP covers all the areas you need to address and all the audiences that you must consider - students, teachers, staff, school board and parents.

This free guide includes highly relevant topics:

  • Why schools need a strong AUP
  • How far your AUP should go
  • How to better manage student's online behavior
  • The essential components of a strong AUP.

Download your e-Policy Essentials Guide for Schools today so your school or district can establish a strong and comprehensive AUP.

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