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Securing Outbound Content: The case for DLP and Encryption

During March 2010, a gubernatorial candidate in Massachusetts sent a fundraising email to members of the state's Senate and House in violation of Massachusetts' campaign finance laws. In another incident, an email sent from an office at Missouri State University inadvertently contained the names and Social Security numbers of 565 international students at the university.

Stories of damaging security breaches resulting from intentional or inadvertent exposure of outbound content are all too familiar. A new white paper, Securing Outbound Content: The case for DLP and Encryption, focuses on the critical need to manage outbound content sent using email, IM and social media protocols and the damaging content that might be sent.

EdgeWave's Email, Social Media and IM Security White Paper also provides an overview of hosted services from ePrism's Messaging Security Suite, including outbound email filtering and proprietary DLP technology that can secure your outbound email and protect you from these dangerous breaches.

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