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Cyberbullying in the Workplace: What It is and How to Stop It

Workplace harassment is a growing problem that costs businesses millions of dollars each year in employee turnover, absences, reputation damage and litigation costs. The introduction of e-communications into the workplace, including social networking platforms, has resulted in improved business efficiency, better and faster communications and easier collaboration among employees. But social media carries with it inherent risks, including cyberbullying in the workplace. This insidious problem is challenging for organizations because the easy availability and anonymity provided by social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, makes cyber harassment among co-workers difficult to detect and stop.

This white paper discusses cyberbullying in the workplace, including how to recognize it and presents practical steps your organization can take to assure you can use social media safely and wisely. This white paper also introduces a new technology that provides you with granular, policy-driven control over social media use in your company.

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